Welcome to Chichester and Fishbourne Croquet Club

Croquet is a great outdoor sport. It is a friendly game combining ball skills and tactics. It is relatively easy to understand, fun to play and can be enjoyed by people of any age or gender.

We are a small friendly club with two lawns. New members and visitors at any level of experience are welcome. You can join a taster session so you can find out if it is the game for you and ongoing coaching at any level is also available.

Most of our members play Golf croquet. It is a great way to enjoy company and use your thinking skills in the fresh air. For those who enjoy even more of a challenge, there are opportunities to play against other clubs and in national leagues. All members can use club equipment.

We also have an enthusiastic group of members who play Association croquet who are always keen to introduce new members to this complex game.

Our season runs from April to October, or longer if the weather holds. It traditionally ends in a match for the Fishbourne Trophy, combining a dastardly mix of Golf and Association rules which usually has our best players wondering why they have been beaten by less skilled members!

Interested in playing?

Before deciding whether to join the club, prospective members are welcome to try the game. See our taking part section for details, and contact us if you want more information. Please contact our secretary or one of our members listed on our contact page if you are a beginner and would like to try a free taster session.