Weston-super-Mare visit

On Tuesday and Wednesday, this week, we welcomed the Weston-super-Mare Croquet Club as part of their croquet tour. We have just received the following email from their Chairman, Doug Norfolk.

Dear Linda, 
As chairman of our club I would like to thank you and your members for the kindness shown to us during our visit to you as part of our tour. We particularly liked the idea of mixing the clubs for playing doubles it was new to us and very enjoyable. An item of conversation on arriving back at Warner’s by each party was the cakes and it was a close run thing which was favourite between the ginger and the flap jacks. Again I personally would like to thank you for allowing us to visit your club and for your warm hospitality and as I said if a group of your members wished to wander afar for a game of croquet you will always be welcomed at our club, we would love to see you.
My kindest Regards
Doug Norfolk

Thank you Doug for your comments. The players on our side would also like to say how much we also enjoyed the two days of very enjoyable croquet… not to mention the cake!

We’ve also had a look at your web-site at www.westoncroquet.co.uk and hope to see you there some time.

Peter and Linda