Request for technical help from Club Members

Update 07/2/2015 

This experiment is being suspended for a couple of weeks while we await technical advice from our system hosts at  

Members still interested, please leave a message on the blog if you can login successfully.
If you can’t please email. Thanks.

I am setting up some Private Pages on this site so that we can update everyone with the latest news about club business. This could be used for things like “Mallet Matters” or “Chairman’s Chat”, which might contain stuff we do not want everyone to read.

The new pages are currently located in a drop down menu under the Contact menu but I’ll also link to them here. 
Members Blog 
Committee Page

There is not much there at the moment, because we are having a number of technical issues and have not been able to test this properly because it does not seem to work very well in some internet browsers.

If you would like to help out with testing please go to the Contact Page, enter your details and ask for access in the Comment box. We will send you an invitation so that you can get into the Private Pages.

Thanks for your help.

Peter Raper

3 Replies to “Request for technical help from Club Members”

  1. Unable to set password. It tells me it’s invalid and to try again which I did. Wonder what I am doing wrong?

  2. Hello Janet J,
    What hardware and software are you using.
    I can set the password and log in on my p.c. using Internet Explorer, but not using the Chrome Browser.

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