First Club Afternoon

10 members turned out for a very enjoyable afternoon in the sun yesterday.

It was an opportunity to try out the new arrangements as explained by Linda at the AGM. and set out below.

Teams will be drawn at the start of play and each 4 will then play 2 games together (either in the same pairs or swapping partners for the second game, as they prefer). This means that if you finish your first game quickly you donʼt have to wait around until everyone else has finished their game but can go straight on to your second game. 

If you are the last team to finish playing and everyone else is ready for tea, please consider finishing your game without playing to the last hoop. Tea will then be taken (and please note that it will be the responsibility of whichever group finishes first to make sure tea is ready) and then another draw will be made for the final game. 

In order to get a good balance of level play and handicap play we suggest the first 2 games are played level and the final one with handicaps. 

This is a trial and weʼll see how it works over the coming weeks. Of course, on quiet afternoons youʼre welcome to make your own decision on the format.

This worked quite successfully with two fours and a pair for each session.

Peter Raper