Golf Croquet Singles Ladder 2015

The draw for the new level play singles ladder competition was made today and the opening positions, chosen in random order, are shown below and the wooden ladder board in the club-house has been brought back into use.

 1. Brian S
 2. Linda
 3. Carole
 4. Colin La
 5. Neil H
 6. Brian P
 7. Joyce
 8. Edward
 9. Lynne
10. Peter
11. Jane H
12. Sally
13. Janet M

Rules for the Ladder

Players may challenge anyone up to three places above them on the ladder and arrange a mutually convenient time to play, which should be outside of club afternoons, either before or after club, on a Monday or Friday morning or at any other time which does not interfere with matches or ground maintenance. Please check the timetable.
Challenges should be accepted within one week, unless you are on holiday. If you do not play the challenger, you forfeit the match. Do not, however, only challenge the person highest above you as the objective is to play as many people as possible.
The matches will be played under the WCF rules of Golf Croquet Fourth Edition, March 2014 as published by the Croquet Association with level play. (No extra turns will be used). 
If the challenger wins, they should move above the loser and anyone in between is moved down. Please adjust the ladder in the club-house to reflect the results.
Please update both handicap cards after each match. If you need any help filling in the details, please contact Linda or Lynne. The number of points to be added or subtracted from your handicap index is shown on the table in the handicap card.

Good luck to everyone who has signed up for this competition which will end on Saturday 26th of September.
Please submit any comments or queries below as matches are played.

2 Replies to “Golf Croquet Singles Ladder 2015”

  1. The new competition has got off to a rapid start with five challenges played to date. However, only one result has changed any ladder positions. I have moved up to position 7 above Joyce.
    I will post another full rankings list early in June, but competitors can add comments here about any changes in the mean time.

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