Home and Away Match Results

Hi everyone,

Congratulations and thanks to all club members who have taken part in matches against our neighbouring clubs.

We have been slow to update the results, but it’s time for a catchup.
May 8. Bognor Golf Friendly (home) – Won – 7/2
May 15. Littlehampton Golf Friendly (away) – Won – 6/3
June 5. West Worthing SECF Golf Handicap League (home) – Won 5/4
June 9. Worthing SECF Golf Handicap League (away) – Lost 4/5
June 23. West Worthing Golf Friendly (away) – Lost 4/5 
June 29. West Wittering Golf Friendly (away) – Won 7/5. The team was Lynne, Edward, Joyce, John, Margaret and Linda.

So Won Four and Lost Two to date. We look forward to the rest of the season.


p.s. If anyone has further details to add about individual matches, please add a comment here.

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  1. We can add the following details.
    West Worthing (away) – We lost 4 games to 5, but actually scored more hoops. 53 to 52.
    West Wittering (away) – We won 7 games to 5, 69 hoops to 67 hoops.

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