Jane Gribbon wins the Staniland Shield 2016

The summer seems to be very late arriving this year and the mixed weather continues.

A dozen members turned up at 10:00 a.m last Sunday in torrential rain to compete for the club’s Golf Croquet Singles Championship Trophy, the “Leslie Staniland Shield” which was first played for in 2000.

The start was delayed until mid-day when the rain had almost stopped. The sun came out soon afterwards and as the lawns dried out the play got faster.

The competition was based on “level play” this year and after four rounds, Paul Robinson and Jane Gribbon had each won all four games so they went into a final play-off which Jane won 7/5.

Congratulations to Jane and Paul, and also to Jane Humphreys, Colin Lacey and Peter Raper (me) who each won three games in the first four rounds.

Thanks very much to Paul for organising the day and to Ena Uwins who kept the score.


Full results available here (and also in the club-house)​

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