Kettle Sheilds – 2016 Results

This doubles golf croquet competition was started by Norman and Dora Kettle who were founder members of the club .
On Sunday 4 September we had a record number of 18 members taking part and each playing 4 games . This year we played without using handicaps ( and extra turns) as the draw appeared to have players well matched in their pairs and the results indicate that this was the case.
The winner was John Uwins who won all  4 of his games.

Jane Gribbon, Neil Humphreys, and Brian Parsons won 3 games each but second place went to Jane who won a total of 26 hoops with 17 scored against her: Neil was third with 26 hoops but 19 scored against him and Brian was fourth having scored 24 hoops.

It was a very good day and we were delighted that so many members were taking part and the weather was in our favour.

Brian and Carole Parsons

Photos provided by Margaret