Maintenance Day, Saturday 21.03.20

Ten members spent a happy morning carrying out cleaning and maintenance to the equipment, stores and “stable”

Members’ health was paramount, open-air working was done while trying to keep a two-metre safe zone (social distance). Work inside the “pavilion” (stable) was carried out with a maximum of two at any one time.

Thanks go to Robert for the quality of the lawns and to Paul for the setting out of the lawns and hoops and the very straight white lining perimeters!

Some photographs of the fun event:

Production line of edging timber repair and paining
Keith painting edgings – is that John in the background (left) skiving with a mallet in his hand?
Some idiot with his “Jeyes” spray in hand – bugs and viruses beware!
Some light relief from the work as out-going holder Eve presents John with the Secretary’s Tankard for most improved player in a season