Croquet in the Lockdown (Free Trial – Computer Game)

Anyone for Croquet!

We are all getting terribly frustrated because we are staying at home, but here’s an idea.

Red to Play

If you have a PC or Apple Mac computer, you can practice Golf or Association Croquet at home. I first publicised this program in 2017 on the old web-site. I don’t think many people tried it at the time, but now it might be more use.

Andrew Dutton of Brookwood Croquet, who plays at Woking, developed the game and it could be quite useful for practising tactics. Andrew says that any profit from selling the programs will be donated to the Croquet Association for use to subsidise travel to international competitions for up and coming players who have limited resources.

There are free trials available for both AC and GC versions of the game.

Both versions of the program can be played for up to 15 shots before they stop. If reloaded a further 15 shots can be played. It is also possible to save the game before it stops so you can reload and carry on with the same game.

Download It Now from and give it a try.

I have a paid-for version of the Golf Croquet game that can be shared on-line, so we could set up a real game with 2-4 players, but I recommend that you try it on your own computer first.

Please contact me with any queries via the usual channels.

Peter Raper