Kettle Shield trophy – Mixed Doubles

Twenty two members “battled” for the trophy on Sunday, 29 August 2021

The event was well organised and controlled by match managers, Brian and Carole Parsons, our thanks go to them for keeping matches to time and organising a great mix of “pairings”.

A well deserved break for lunch and chat

After six rounds, including a break for lunch, the winners were as follows:

As Wellington observed after victory at Waterloo, “The result was a damn close-run thing” In first place with a day’s total of 23 hoops and 16 against – Carole, In second place with 23 hoops won and 17 against- Tony, In third place was Jane with 23 hoops and 18 against.

Winner Carole with the Kettle Shield presented by David,
Tony with the runner up shield