30 August – Friendly “Battle” between the U3As

Groups from Ems Valley and Chichester U3As met for a friendly match at Chichester and Fishbourne Croquet Club recently (Weds Aug 30.)

Each group usually meets for regular sessions on the lawns at Fishbourne during the season, with training provided by the club, but on alternate weeks. This time, however, they became rivals and put their skills to good use.

Ems Valley were the winners with David Milne and Pauline Nelson the winning pair. Chichester were close runners-up and their winning pair were Jane Mulholland and David Parfitt.

Referees, provided by the club, were Jane Gribbon, Joan Felton, Janet Mellor and Peter Raper.

 Up for a challenge: members of Chichester and Ems Valley U3As who met for a friendly croquet match at Chichester and Fishbourne Croquet Club’s lawns recently with some of the host club members