October 5 – Friendly GC versus Rother Valley CC

On a fine Thursday October afternoon C&FCC played a rematched friendly against a quartet from Rother Valley CC, the original date of Thursday 31 August was postponed due to monsoon rain at Fishbourne.

The C&FCC team was ably captained by (fine sandwich maker) Tony Elkin, Brian Shipman, Jane Gribbon and Chris Fuller. The home team was also cheered on by Brian’s friend Janet, visiting from Leicestershire.

Tony had two friends in the opposition quartet which made this last season’s friendly – very friendly!

The Rother Valley quartet was captained by Will Warren Davis, with Sarah Caffyn, Narmada de Silva and Tim Broughton Pipkin. It was agreed that the matches would be played under the “Advantage” system.

C&FCC got off to a great start winning the initial doubles pairings of Jane (4) and Brian (8) winning 7 hoops to 4 against Sarah (9) and Narmada (8) and Tony (6) and Chris (8) won on the 13th hoop against Will (8) and Tim (8).

The first two singles were close fought with both Tony and Jane losing on the 13th hoop to Tim and Sarah respectively. Brian the beat Narmada 7 hoops to 3. Chris then lost a four hoop lead to lose against Will on the 13th hoop!

The match was then all square at three games each and time was taken out for excellent sandwiches (Tony’s), mini pork pies and salad (courtesy of Brian and Janet).

The final three matches were played in approaching twilight, with an injection of hot tea and cakes (by Jane and Chris). Brian lost to Tim 7 hoops to 3 and Chris beat Narmada 7 hoops to 2,. Now all square at four matches each!

The final double went down to the “wire” at 7 to 3, with Jane and Tony beating Will and Sarah with our valiant captain making the successful winning hoop 10!

An end to a friendly friendly and a winning end to the 2023 season.

Left to right: Will Warren Davis, Narmada de Silva, Chris, Sarah Caffyn, Tony, Brian and Jane (Tim had left for another appointment)