Witterings Camera Club evening – Friday, 16 August

Paul re-arranged an evening of competition against members of the Witterings Camera Club on the evening of Friday 16 August. Heavy rain moved the venue to the main hall of the Fishbourne Centre for an evening of Skittles and Curling.

A competitive evening ensued and Croquet club members were runners up in both competitions.

A fish and chip supper followed and thanks go to Paul for organising a splendid, friendly and competitive event.

Paul (on target?) on the strikers’ mat
Camera club member – playing red
On target! With blue “inching it”

Golf Croquet mixed doubles Tournament

Organised by Brian and Carole Parsons on Sunday 4 August 2019

In play – game on north lawn
The winning trophy – left and the runner-up shield on the right
The runner up, David presenting the winning shield to Janet – well done to both!

The Jump Shot

Jane G says; “I went to Southwick yesterday  to watch the World Golf Croquet and was wonderful to see such play.
I didn’t know if it was possible to put this link on our website as it’s the most amazing jump shot I’ve ever seen.
It’s worth putting it on full screen.  Black and Blue are in front of Hoop 6, Yellow to play but he has the peg in the way (as well as Black and Blue).  He asked for the peg to be measured and banged down and you will see why… ”

Have a look on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78BaNU52N-Y&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR24AO8gxIHI0JJYHgEerUeWJXwd_nCEJqoFN5096Ya7swpYOVhbzpuKw5g

STOP PRESS: The Fishbourne Tournament

The Tournament has been rescheduled from Sunday 20th October back to Sunday 15th September. The Calendar has been adjusted to suit. Thanks to Brian Shipman for agreeing to a change of date.

ALSO: A working party will be required in late September to help the “Lawn Team” in levelling the two greens

The Simon Parkin mens’ singles trophy

A warm Sunday, 21 July and eight members fought for the annual mens’ singles trophy. The event was well organised by Peter Raper with the preliminary singles played on the North and South lawns. The eight entrants, in alphabetical order, were: Keith Burt, Chris Fuller, Robert Johnston, Colin Lacey, Peter Raper, Paul Robinson, David Russell and Brian Shipman. The earlier rounds ended up with two players winning all three of their matches and two players winning two. The latter were decided on count-back on points for and against.

Semi finalist in match one were Keith and Paul with Keith as the eventual winner. The second semi final was a close fought match between Peter and David with Peter the winner.

The “Gallery” during a pause between semi-finals

The final, Between Keith and Peter, went down the Golden Hoop with Keith the eventual winner with a fine long yellow ball to hoop and take the tankard.

Joyce presenting Keith with the Simon Parkin Tankard

The Staniland mixed singles trophy

The mixed singles trophy was contested in monsoon conditions on Sunday 7th July. Fourteen brave (?) contestants played in heavy drizzle and rain. Those playing in each of four matches were: Keith, Chris, Eve, Neil, Lynne, Janet M, Joyce, Gary, Lois, Peter R, Paul, David, Judith and Sally.

Paul organised a splendid day and his thanks go out from all of us, Paul was ably assisted by scorer/marker Margaret.

Are we downhearted? NO!
Neil and Sally (in borrowed rain hat)

Neil and Paul won all of their four group matches and went on to a close-fought (and dry!) final with Paul the eventual winner. Congratulations to Paul in lifting the trophy …. 13 years since the last time his name appeared on the Staniland Trophy.

Well done Paul

Home Handicap League vs Littlehampton

The major handicap …. the WEATHER!

Well done to our intrepid team, close runners up to Littlehampton in atrocious weather conditions … as the following photos show!

“Raindrops are falling on my head!”
“Splish-splosh … We were taking a bath!”
Joyce “Do I have to go out in this?” …Peter “Yes, ha ha ha ha ha!”

The Mallets

The Mallets quiz team: L – R: Eve, Chris, Jane, Neil, David and Judith

This gallant team finished second in Friday, 26 April, night’s Fishbourne community Centre’s quiz night.

We had to fight some of the quiz-master’s answers, including: “The National Emblem of New Zealand – his answer Kiwi, the correct answer is Silver Fern“, and “What is the vegetable with the highest calorie content – his answer Avocado – this is classed as a fruit not a vegetable”. Incidentally the quiz-master was Kieran’s father.

It was a great fun evening, even when the fish and chips order for us arrived late and we started the quiz while still eating! We did well in the General Knowledge round and we played our “Joker” on the Food and Drink round … we didn’t do too well on the Disney round or the Chichester picture quiz round!

Perhaps …. for the next quiz we can put a second team of avid quizzers in the centre

Ems Valley U3A (Emsworth) visit dates

The Wednesday 10:00 am until Noon visits of the Ems Valley U3A are as follows:

Group 1: April 10th, May 8th, June 12th, July 10th, August 14th, September 11th and October 9th.

Group 2: April 24th, May 22nd, June 26th, July 24th, August 28th and September 25th.

There will be a “final” between the two groups on Wednesday October 23rd.

These details will appear in the Club Diary along with the dates from the Chichester U3A group’s match mornings.