Croquet Christmas supper – Tuesday 17 December 2019

Nineteen members and spouses sat down for a lovely, festive, evening in the upstairs function room at the Fox and Hounds, Funtington. Below are some of the photographs taken during the meal.

Evening organiser, Joyce, with her poinsettia presented by Chairman David – WELL DONE JOYCE!
Hon Treasurer Paul (Get your hands off my cookie jar!!!) Robinson about to start the Christmas draw for the 100 club.
Winners: Maggie Webb, Carole Parsons and Gary Parsons


A match was played yesterday, Thursday, on the north lawn and it was considered, by the four players, to be very slow with very soggy ground conditions.

Following last night’s heavy rain and looking at the forecast, the decision was made by the chairman to declare the season officially ended.

Best wishes to all, either see you at the Christmas supper or at the start of the 2020 season. Social events will be planned for the winter shut-down


The days are getting shorter and soon the clocks will be going back.

Playing times will now start at 13:00.

The south lawn is closed after refurbishment and the north lawn has now been divided into two smaller playing areas. ENJOY

From the Lawns’ Committee

For members without mobiles or access to WhatsApp

Due to the recent “weather”: The work on the club lawns starts at 0800, Thursday 25 September.

Both lawns are to be “spiked” and the south lawn will then be top dressed.

The south lawn will then be out of action and should not be touched until the new grass is well through from the dressing.

The Fishbourne Tournament

The annual Fishbourne tournament was held in glorious early autumn weather on Sunday, 15 September. Fifteen players took part in a sunny and warm day of competition, fun and friendship.

Special thanks go the Brian Shipman for organising the day (and good weather!). Brian did a fantastic job of the smooth running of the event. Thanks to Brian for his mathematical gymnastics in organising who played with whom and in what order!

Below are some of the snaps taken by Eve.

Runner up – Keith, who had the most hoops (17) – winner of a bottle of wine
Brian presenting the Fishbourne Plate to Sally. Sally was the winner of the most games and received the plate and a bottle of wine.

Rother Valley Golf and Association Challenge

Paul reports that the competition was played over Friday 6th and Saturday 7th September. The club’s Golf Croquet team came third and the combined Fishbourne/Wittering Association Croquet team won the competition.

The winning Association Croquet Team

The Association team last won the competition in 2007 when Paul got the best individual player prize of a bottle of wine. Twelve years late Paul did the same again!

Well done Paul – best individual player

Witterings Camera Club evening – Friday, 16 August

Paul re-arranged an evening of competition against members of the Witterings Camera Club on the evening of Friday 16 August. Heavy rain moved the venue to the main hall of the Fishbourne Centre for an evening of Skittles and Curling.

A competitive evening ensued and Croquet club members were runners up in both competitions.

A fish and chip supper followed and thanks go to Paul for organising a splendid, friendly and competitive event.

Paul (on target?) on the strikers’ mat
Camera club member – playing red
On target! With blue “inching it”

Golf Croquet mixed doubles Tournament

Organised by Brian and Carole Parsons on Sunday 4 August 2019

In play – game on north lawn
The winning trophy – left and the runner-up shield on the right
The runner up, David presenting the winning shield to Janet – well done to both!

The Jump Shot

Jane G says; “I went to Southwick yesterday  to watch the World Golf Croquet and was wonderful to see such play.
I didn’t know if it was possible to put this link on our website as it’s the most amazing jump shot I’ve ever seen.
It’s worth putting it on full screen.  Black and Blue are in front of Hoop 6, Yellow to play but he has the peg in the way (as well as Black and Blue).  He asked for the peg to be measured and banged down and you will see why… ”

Have a look on YouTube at: