2021 March Spring clean

Getting ready for the start of the season on 30 March!

The maintenance team have been busy on club members’ behalf. The club “pavilion” has been cleaned and all spiders found a new home. All hutting has been given a smart coat of dark green preservative.

The greens team have produced a wonderful playing surface just ready for marking out by Paul and his helpers.

The perimeter hedge is looking as tidy as it has ever been.

Below are some photographs of the croquet club areas: No 1 Spick and span pavilion, No 2 Spider free internal view, No 3 Towards south lawn & No 4 towards north lawn

Internal Golf Croquet competitions

See competition page in Members Area

These are for members of the Chichester and Fishbourne Croquet Club only


The competition (the Simon Parkin Trophy) to be played on Sunday 6 September, 09:45 to 17:00.

Entry is limited to twelve playing members only. Organiser is Peter R

Eventual winner was David and runner up was John E …. well done to both …. more photos can be seen in the Members’ Area


The competition to be played on Sunday 20 September, 09:45 to 17;00

Entry is limited to twelve playing members only. Organisers are Margaret and Paul

Eventual winner was Janet J with Margaret as runner up. More photographs can be seen in the Members only area.

Winner Janet receiving the Ladies’ Shield from David

Fishbourne tournament 2020

The annual end-of-year Fishbourne tournament was held on a brilliant but chilly (when the sun went in!) Sunday October 11.

The twelve competetive Fishbourne styled croquet heats were fantastically well organised, controlled and marked by Brian Shipman, seen below with the master sheet

The able winner, for the second year running, was Sally seen below being presented with the Shipman plate trophy.

More Fishbourne photographs can be seen in the members’ area

LET (BOOKED) PLAY BEGIN -on Friday 15 May

Play starts on Friday for paid up club members only. Health and Safety notices are attached to the shed.

Dear members
I am pleased to announce the opening of our croquet season, although very much on a restricted basis, in accordance with Government Covid Guidelines.
The main points are:

1. We will restrict play to singles and doubles only on each lawn, with any non-household opponents adhering to the 2 metre rule. This will enable 4 players per lawn maximum at the club at any one time. One person only at a time in the clubhouse, please.
2. We will have a booking system controlled by Joyce (many thanks) allowing for 2 hours slots from 9-11, 11-1pm, 1-3, 3-5 and 5-7pm, 7 days a week, weather permitting. Requests will be made either on the Club Croquet WhatsApp or by telephoning Joyce on Chi 778687. Only if a booking is confirmed will it be possible to play. There will be no open sessions for the time being. If you want to practice on your own, please also book via Joyce. Two mornings each week will be closed for grass cutting etc, probably Mon & Thurs, but again subject to the weather. Please plan ahead.
3. The Risk Assessment for Covid-19 information prepared by Chris (many thanks) will be displayed on the hut door. We recommend using gloves where possible in all handling of the hoops, balls etc (including the gate & padlock) but antiseptic wipes will be available to clean down equipment at the end of the day. It is recommended you use your feet to reposition balls during play! Hand-washing facilities are available at the Fishbourne Club as the outside toilets are open. After the first players have set out the lawns, hoops & balls etc should be left out if other later players are expected, thus reducing handling. It may also be sensible for only one person to handle the equipment during set up & close of play?  Please bring your own mallet & take it home afterwards. If any member uses club mallets, please borrow one & take it home for the time being. There will be no visitors at present.
4. Please bring any food or drink you might need.
5. The lawns have been well-maintained during Lockdown (many thanks), but the white lines will not be re-instated until more normal conditions return, to save costs. An overwhelming number of you have kindly paid your subscriptions, ensuring the financial well-being of the club, but any outstanding subs should be paid before playing, please.
I’m sure I have forgotten something, but please let me know if there is anything you would like to suggest! There is an element of trial and error, inevitably, but it is everyone’s safety that is paramount & I know you will approach this chance to, at last, enjoy again the game we all love with that in mind. I have attached the Croquet Association Guidelines issued today, for info, re-iterating most of what I have mentioned but in more detail (including stating that please do not turn up if you are infected or significantly at risk!).
Finally, do please let me know if you intend playing under this system, at it gives us, and Joyce, an idea of what we can expect and achieve!
Be safe: have fun playing again (even though it’s singles!!)
Best wishes David

Croquet in the Lockdown (Free Trial – Computer Game)

Anyone for Croquet!

We are all getting terribly frustrated because we are staying at home, but here’s an idea.

Red to Play

If you have a PC or Apple Mac computer, you can practice Golf or Association Croquet at home. I first publicised this program in 2017 on the old web-site. I don’t think many people tried it at the time, but now it might be more use.

Andrew Dutton of Brookwood Croquet, who plays at Woking, developed the game and it could be quite useful for practising tactics. Andrew says that any profit from selling the programs will be donated to the Croquet Association for use to subsidise travel to international competitions for up and coming players who have limited resources.

There are free trials available for both AC and GC versions of the game.

Both versions of the program can be played for up to 15 shots before they stop. If reloaded a further 15 shots can be played. It is also possible to save the game before it stops so you can reload and carry on with the same game.

Download It Now from Brookwoodcroquet.btck.co.uk and give it a try.

I have a paid-for version of the Golf Croquet game that can be shared on-line, so we could set up a real game with 2-4 players, but I recommend that you try it on your own computer first.

Please contact me with any queries via the usual channels.

Peter Raper

Maintenance Day, Saturday 21.03.20

Ten members spent a happy morning carrying out cleaning and maintenance to the equipment, stores and “stable”

Members’ health was paramount, open-air working was done while trying to keep a two-metre safe zone (social distance). Work inside the “pavilion” (stable) was carried out with a maximum of two at any one time.

Thanks go to Robert for the quality of the lawns and to Paul for the setting out of the lawns and hoops and the very straight white lining perimeters!

Some photographs of the fun event:

Production line of edging timber repair and paining
Keith painting edgings – is that John in the background (left) skiving with a mallet in his hand?
Some idiot with his “Jeyes” spray in hand – bugs and viruses beware!
Some light relief from the work as out-going holder Eve presents John with the Secretary’s Tankard for most improved player in a season

Club AGM – Friday 13 March 2020

The club’s annual Annual General Meeting was held at the Fishbourne Centre of Friday afternoon. At the completion of a successful meeting, including prize giving, a majority of members stayed for a fish and chip supper. Thanks to secretary Joyce for organising a happy event.

Some pictures of the prize giving:


Hopefully; with the increasing daylight … it won’t be long before play will start on the greens …. early April is coming up fast … in the meantime … a notice and a report:

Annual General Meeting: Remember the date of Friday 13 March for the AGM starting at 4:30 pm at the Fishbourne Centre. After the meeting stay behind to enjoy a fish and chip supper – please let Joyce know if you want to have a meal – reasonable prices at the centre.

Games evening at the Fishbourne Centre: A fun games evening, organised by David and Judith, was held on Friday 7 February. Approximately twenty took part in skill tests of skittles and curling and included a fine fish supper. There was much hilarity, especially during the curling match where skill was in relatively short supply but fun was uppermost! Below are some “snaps” of the events.

Maggie with the ammunition to demolish the skittles
Chris – hiding from “incoming” ammunition
David unleashing a “stone” towards the curling target

Croquet Christmas supper – Tuesday 17 December 2019

Nineteen members and spouses sat down for a lovely, festive, evening in the upstairs function room at the Fox and Hounds, Funtington. Below are some of the photographs taken during the meal.

Evening organiser, Joyce, with her poinsettia presented by Chairman David – WELL DONE JOYCE!
Hon Treasurer Paul (Get your hands off my cookie jar!!!) Robinson about to start the Christmas draw for the 100 club.
Winners: Maggie Webb, Carole Parsons and Gary Parsons


A match was played yesterday, Thursday, on the north lawn and it was considered, by the four players, to be very slow with very soggy ground conditions.

Following last night’s heavy rain and looking at the forecast, the decision was made by the chairman to declare the season officially ended.

Best wishes to all, either see you at the Christmas supper or at the start of the 2020 season. Social events will be planned for the winter shut-down


The days are getting shorter and soon the clocks will be going back.

Playing times will now start at 13:00.

The south lawn is closed after refurbishment and the north lawn has now been divided into two smaller playing areas. ENJOY