Home Handicap League vs Littlehampton

The major handicap …. the WEATHER!

Well done to our intrepid team, close runners up to Littlehampton in atrocious weather conditions … as the following photos show!

“Raindrops are falling on my head!”
“Splish-splosh … We were taking a bath!”
Joyce “Do I have to go out in this?” …Peter “Yes, ha ha ha ha ha!”

The Mallets

The Mallets quiz team: L – R: Eve, Chris, Jane, Neil, David and Judith

This gallant team finished second in Friday, 26 April, night’s Fishbourne community Centre’s quiz night.

We had to fight some of the quiz-master’s answers, including: “The National Emblem of New Zealand – his answer Kiwi, the correct answer is Silver Fern“, and “What is the vegetable with the highest calorie content – his answer Avocado – this is classed as a fruit not a vegetable”. Incidentally the quiz-master was Kieran’s father.

It was a great fun evening, even when the fish and chips order for us arrived late and we started the quiz while still eating! We did well in the General Knowledge round and we played our “Joker” on the Food and Drink round … we didn’t do too well on the Disney round or the Chichester picture quiz round!

Perhaps …. for the next quiz we can put a second team of avid quizzers in the centre

Events Planned for 2019

Saturday 4th May 10am to 1pm, Portsmouth Grammar School, Association Croquet for students and staff – run by Paul

Saturday 11th May, Oving Scarecrow Day

Sunday 19th May, 10am, Ladies’ Singles Golf Tournament – run by Margaret

Wednesday 22nd May, 2pm (time not confirmed), Home Golf Friendly against West Wittering

Wednesday 29th May, 1.30pm for 2pm, Home Handicap Golf League Match against Littlehampton

Monday 17th June, 2pm Croquet Committee Meeting

Sunday 23rd June, 9am (time not confirmed), Littlehampton Centenary Cup

Wednesday 3rd July, 2pm, Home Handicap Golf League Match against Dogmersfield

Sunday 7th July, 10am, Mixed Singles Golf Tournament – run by Paul

(Date to be arranged)  Away Golf Friendly against Lodsworth

Wednesday 17th July, (time not confirmed) Ladies’ Golf Croquet Teams Day at Southwick

Sunday 21st July, 10am, Men’s Singles Golf Tournament – run by Peter

Tuesday 30th July, 2pm, Away Golf Friendly at Littlehampton

Sunday 4th August, 10am, Golf Croquet Doubles Tournament – run by Brian & Carole

Friday 9th August, 11am, Home Handicap Golf League Match against Preston Park

Monday 12th August, 2pm, Away Golf Friendly against West Wittering

Friday 16th August, 6pm, Club Fun Evening – Golf doubles pairing with members of Witterings Camera Club followed by Fish & Chip supper in the Fishbourne Club

Tuesday 27th August, 2pm, Away Handicap Golf League Match against West Worthing

Friday 6th September, 9.30am, Rother Valley Association Croquet Challenge

Saturday 7th September, 9.30am, Rother Valley Association Croquet Challenge

Wednesday 11th September, 9.30am, Rother Valley Short Golf Challenge

Sunday 20th October, 10am, Fishbourne Game Tournament – run by Brian S

Chichester U3A – Wed 17th April 2019

The Chichester U3A group will be visiting on the third Wednesday of each month until September. Then, we will be challenging the Ems Valley groups to a match in October if that can be arranged.

Peter Raper
(Chichester U3A Croquet Group Organiser)

Ems Valley U3A (Emsworth) visit dates

The Wednesday 10:00 am until Noon visits of the Ems Valley U3A are as follows:

Group 1: April 10th, May 8th, June 12th, July 10th, August 14th, September 11th and October 9th.

Group 2: April 24th, May 22nd, June 26th, July 24th, August 28th and September 25th.

There will be a “final” between the two groups on Wednesday October 23rd.

These details will appear in the Club Diary along with the dates from the Chichester U3A group’s match mornings.

Maintenance Day – Saturday 23 March 2019

Nineteen members turned out on a dull and chilly Saturday morning. jobs involved clearing out rubbish, cleaning and refurbishing the stores and huts. A highly trained group of painters (actually known as “Toshers” in the trade) applied a generous coat of dark green preservative to the outside of the hutting …. and to themselves!

Some photographs by Eve:

Work, eat and play? 23rd March

A reminder from the Lawns committee.
Maintenance day is Saturday 23rd March (and 30th if needed) starting about 10.00.
Jobs are painting the sheds, tidying, filling holes, clearing rubbish and cleaning.
Please come and bring any tools you think would be useful. Bring a picnic if you can stay. It would be great to play but there is some doubt about the lawns being ready.